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Australian Lottery News

Powerball Thursday 10/1/2018 – $80 Million Jackpot

Australian lotteries will this week feature a massive $80 million jackpot in Thursday night Powerball. The Powerball draw, number 1182, will have the huge prize pool on offer for players after it was not won for a seventh consecutive time last week. This will also be only the third time that Powerball has reached an…

Australian Lottery News

Australian Lottery Record – $150 Million In Jackpots This Week

An Australian lottery record will be set this week when a combined total of $150 million will be on offer in two of the biggest lottery draws this year. The two massive draws this week are Oz Lotto’s $70 million jackpot on Tuesday and Powerball’s $80 million jackpot on Thursday. Beat the queues to buy…