The Deaf Lottery is a fund raising Lottery helping to support imperative services provided to Deaf and hearing impaired people in the community. Vital funds raised from the proceeds of Lottery ticket sales gives ticket buyers the chance to win Luxury Cars, Brand New Homes, Motor homes, Gold Bullion, Caravans, Holidays, Motorcycles, Trucks, Farm Machinery and Gift Cards ! The Deaf Lottery runs six lotteries a year with tickets starting at just $2 each. Buy yours here today.

Yourtown (formerly BoysTown) has over 50 years experience in assisting disadvantaged young people find their feet through training, counselling and support services. But Yourtown is still a not-for-profit organisation and so can only help them through Yourtown Lotteries which operate 16 Art Unions annually including 6 x Prestige Car Draws and 10 x Prize Home Draws. Yourtown creates 10 new millionaires every year across Australia, however its all the supporters who continue to help thousands of people in need. Buy Lottery Tickets online here.

The Cars for Cancer lottery gives you a great opportunity to support cancer research at Mater. The Lottery is an initiative of the Mater Foundation and was first launched in 2004 to raise much needed funds for cancer research and treatment. First prize in the Lottery is your choice of an FPV (Ford Performance Vehicle) or a HSV (Holden Special Vehicle). Both are valued at up to $90,000 each. Just 15,000 tickets are sold in each lottery, dramatically increasing your odds of winning. Enter the Next Lottery now!

PCYC helps young people by encouraging their participation in sporting, cultural, recreational and other programs with a clear path to improving their individual lives and the positive development of local communities throughout Australia. When supporting the PCYC Lottery you are assisting them in continuing to reduce and prevent crimes by and against young people. All proceeds raised benefit the state in which the lottery tickets are sold, so rest assured that your contribution is benefiting the local PCYC in your area. The PCYC Lottery has over $160,000 in prizes including Cars, Holidays, Cruises, Flat Screen TV's and more, so don't miss out on your chance of winning the next draw. Buy tickets online today!

Platinum Class Lottery is conducted by Act for Kids, an Australian charity which works relentlessly to prevent and treat child neglect and abuse. Proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets are paramount in providing additional intensive treatment to help kids in need. Platinum Class Lottery run every two months, six times a year and Prizes include a Luxury Mercedes Benz, Platinum Bullion & Resort Holidays. Don't miss your chance to win these incredible prizes and thank you for purchasing tickets in the next Lottery draw!

Guide Dogs Lotteries are making a significant difference to the lives of low or no vision adults and children right across Australia. Just 3,300 tickets go on sale in each Lottery with around 200 consolation prizes up for grabs and just one ticket gives you a 1 in 16 chance of winning a prize. That's some of the best odds in any major Australian lottery. Repeat buyers also increase the chances of winning with entries into the Repeat Buyer second chance draw. Guide Dogs Queensland manages Guide Dogs Lotteries on behalf of Guide Dog schools around Australia. Show them your support by purchasing a ticket today.

MS Lottery provides ongoing support to people with Multiple Sclerosis across Australia in a number of vital ways. The MS lottery allows MS Australia to continue its research into the cause, nature, diagnosis, treatment and successful management of the disease, and to apply its extensive research towards programs of cure and prevention. MS Lottery prizes include an Audi Car, Bullion and Holidays. Become a VIP member by joining the MS Club today ! You could win Gold Bullion & other prizes in exclusive Club draws. Purchase lottery tickets below.

Kidney Health Australia raises vital and much needed funds through ticket sales in their Lottery draws each year. These proceeds ensure they can continue to deliver updated programs to the kidney community. KHA provides enormous support and services to affected individuals, families and carers. Your support also provides funds for important research, education and programs aimed at increasing awareness, early detection and to promote good kidney health and a reduction in the incidence of kidney disease. Prestige Cars, Holiday Vouchers and Cash are amongst the exciting Lottery Prizes available so why not buy a ticket online now.

Prize Lotteries

Buy Car, Boat and other Lottery tickets online here at where every lotteries ticket purchased becomes a generous contribution to essential Australian charities. Imagine winning the best of the best Australian lotteries and also check your lottery results.

There are exceptional prizes to win such as Luxury Cars, Boats, Caravans, Holidays, Art Union Prize Homes, Gold Bullion, Jetskis, Motorbikes, Motorhomes, Trucks, Farm Machinery and more.

Beyond the thrill of winning, your tickets also support admirable causes such as Mater Lotteries, PCYC Lottery, Cars for Cancer, the Deaf Lottery, Guide Dogs, Act For Kids Lottery and others.

You can make a genuine difference by purchasing your Lottery tickets here today.