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Australian Lottery News

Australian Powerball hits $50 Million – January 3

Australian Powerball will hit $50 Million in prize money for the next draw on Thursday January 3, 2019. The draw, number 1181, will be the first major Australian lottery jackpot for the new year and could see the first multi-millionaires created. Get your tickets online now so you can be in with a chance of…

Australian Lottery News

Oz Lotto & Powerball – $100 Million in Australian Lottery Jackpots

Once again this week is a huge week in Australian lotteries, with two draws each offering $50 Million in their division one prize pools. The first $50 Million jackpot draw of the week will be Tuesday Oz Lotto draw number 1276 on the 31st of July. To win Oz Lotto you need to correctly select…