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Australian Lottery News

Australian Powerball Reaches $100 Million Jackpot

Australian Powerball has once again reached a record $100 million jackpot in only 6 months. Powerball draw no 1183 is set to go tonight, Thursday 17th January 2019, and will be one of the most eagerly anticipated lottery draws ever. The huge prize pool matched last August’s record jackpot amount of $100 million, the largest…

Australian Lottery News

New Australian Powerball Record Jackpot – $100 Million

A new Australian lottery record has been set this week, with the biggest ever Powerball jackpot on offer with a $100 million division one prize pool. On Thursday 16th August 2018 Powerball draw number 1161 will be a new record division one jackpot for Australian Powerball of $100 million. And if Powerball is not won…