Australian Lottery News

3 Huge Australian Lottery Jackpots This Week

This week will see three huge jackpots in Australian lottery draws, with $100 Million up for grabs in division one prize pools. A number of big lottery jackpots have already been won this year by single entries, including a $50 Million and a $55 Million jackpot in Powerball, and in Oz Lotto one ticket won…

Australian Lottery News

2 $30 Million Jackpots In Australian Lotteries This Week

In a big week for Australian lotteries both Tuesday Oz Lotto and Thursday Powerball will have jackpots of $30 Million for division one. On Tuesday 17th July 2018 Oz Lotto draw number 1274 will have a $30 Million jackpot up for grabs. To win Tuesday Oz Lotto you need to have all seven winning numbers…

Australian Lottery News

$20 Million Australian Powerball Jackpot – Draw No. 1156

Thursday 12th July 2018 will feature a $20 Million jackpot for Powerball draw number 1156. There have already been a number of big winners with Australian Powerball this year, including the mystery winner of the January 11 2018 $55 Million draw who only just recently claimed their price, and a Canberra man who won $50…